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About Us

I know life gets busy and time becomes short to work on the outside. So we're here to take the load off by mowing the lawn, mulching the beds, or trimming shrubs so you don't have to worry.  Or you may want a professional you can trust to take your lawn and landscape to the next level.  This is why we provide Lawn Maintenance services like lawn weed control and fertilization, to help clean up and give the lawn that nice, dark green color you want, without the extra mowing.  We perform Core Aeration services to help the turf to breathe easier and help take in Mother Nature's rain.  We also help with cleaning up after a long winter by trimming shrubs and perennials, put down products that prevent weeds, and install black mulch to help get the landscape ready for the new growing season.

Perhaps you like to entertain.  I'll personally meet with you to discuss what you want out of your outdoors and we can help give you that look at your budget.  We can come up with a Master Plan and install it in different phases, if you want a step by step approach. Financing may also be an option if you want what you want, and you want it all right NOW.  

We have good relationships with local contractors who perform certain services we don't specialize in.  So you can be confident that whatever task you have in mind, it'll be performed by a professional.  The look of a true Paver Patio, Sidewalk or Driveway can't be beat.  If that's what you want, we can do it and guarantee it to last for years and years.  Do you want a fire pit? Or do you want a Fireplace? Do you prefer natural gas fire or propane? How about on old-fashioned campfire type of fire pit?  Whatever it is you have in mind, we can do it.

If safety is ever a concern, have you considered Landscape Lighting? We install low voltage and almost no voltage LED lighting to accent areas around your home.  We also place path lights to assist vision along your foot path.


Doster's Lawn and Landscaping makes enjoying your home's exterior much easier, and you'll have the confidence in knowing you've made the right choice by hiring Doster's to work for you.

We provide a host of services that encourages you and your family to enjoy YOUR outdoors more.

As the owner of Doster's Lawn and Landscaping, I take pride in the finished product in every single job we complete.  It is with my collegiate and state sanctioned training, along with over 30 yrs of family business experience, and 20 years of personal experience as a lawn and landscaping business owner, I can guarantee your satisfaction with any service you hire Doster's to perform.

We can design and install a landscape that fits your wishes that is low maintenance, colorful, and even encourages nature's best to come to YOUR home... I'm talking butterflies of different shapes, sizes, and colors, to hummingbirds, and song birds.

Full-Service Landscaping Services servicing Northwest, Tennessee

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