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Fertilizing your Lawn with Slow-Release Granules

If I fertilize my lawn, won't I have to mow it twice a week? Folks used to apply straight Ammonia Nitrate (0-0-46) to their lawn to give it a dark green color. The result was, a dark green color, BUT you paid for it by having to mow multiple times a week. The reason is, (0-0-46) is not a slow-release product. The best way to describe it is, it's like us eating a half-pound of sugar. We get a massive energy rush and then we crash and feel horrible. We apply a granule product that has been designed for turf in this region and it is slow release. The result after application is, we have a turf that is fed at a fairly constant basis, over an extended period of time. We get a steady green up without the vertical growth in turf. The green color is maintained, without all the mowing for an extended period of time.

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