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Treating your Lawn for Weeds. Is it just another Expense?

Answer 1) Weeds are ugly. We all know that. You mow the lawn and *KA-POW!* up comes the dandelion stem as soon as the mowing crew pulls away. Weeds cause you to have to mow

more often than you really should. They're the first things to emerge in the Spring, and the last ones to die in the Fall... So you mow 'till they're gone to keep the lawn looking nice, right? You kill the weeds to keep from having to pay someone to mow so often. OR you save your own time, allowing you to do something you enjoy more than mowing. Call me for a free consultation and I'll tell you how much you can save on mowing the grass this year. Answer 2) Weeds are thiefs! They steal the valuable nutrition the good lawn grass needs to be healthy and they diminish turf's ability to produce it's own food by casting shade onto the good turf. This makes your turf remain thin, and keeps it a sickly light green color vs the thick and dark green color it deserves to be. You kill the weeds because your lawn will look healthier and will be healthier. In some cases, it could also help prevent erosion.

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